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Long Island, NY.

I am originally from Long Island, NY. I was born & raised there till I was 45. My husband & our cat Roxie moved to Raleigh, NC in 2011. Since then we moved to Zebulon, NC, been here 8 years. Things I miss from LI are the bagels, pizza & delis.

We used to go fishing on the sound. Which was the North shore. We live the most 30 mins from the sound & 10 mins from the beaches on the South shore. We would travel all the way to the east end for Montauk point, It was great for fishing in the spring, summer, or fall.
The one bad thing was the winter & the snow. Not like down here we did not close schools or companies. We did not panic when heard a storm was coming. When we did get hit with hurricanes but we also did not panic. It was a fast pace state. When we said traffic we meant that you got stuck & did not move. You threw the car in park most of the time, that was traffic. We had only to counties Nassau County & Suffolk County.

My husband & I did not travel much. Took a road trip to Connecticut, Rhode Island & NJ for our anniversary. Since we had fur babies we did not travel much. That was go thing about Long Island was could do day trip & have a great day. We had everything pretty close to where we lived. If you ever get a chance to visit Long Island & go all the way to Montauk Lighthouse. NYC is ok but Long Island is a real nice place to visit.

Published by Rock the TAZbah Photography

Hi I am Tammy "TAZ"! I am a licensed & certified photographer in Zebulon, NC. I went back to school to study Digital photography for I use to shoot with film when I was younger. I have an Associate Degree in Professional Photography & other photography relate subjects. I have done a Wedding photography courses & many more. I have certificates in courses I have completed in photography. I am also looking for ways to learn more about photography as new things come up. I have always enjoyed taken pictures & capturing other's memories. I work with clients to make photo shoots fun. I am a lot of fun to hang with so when working with clients it shows in my pictures. The camera is how I express myself through my pictures. My hobbies are coloring, working with beads to make jewelry, nature walks, hanging with friends & be with my family. I am married 33+ years with 2 fur babies, 1 cat & 1 dog. I am a BC Fighter for over 11 years. I am stage IV Breast Cancer Mets (MBC) for 7 years plus years.

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