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Beading & creative stuff

I love to make things with beads. I sometimes just pick up my beads & make something. If I can make jewelry to wear rather than buy it I do. I am a crafty person & enjoy making gifts rather than buying something. Make things with beads I can be creative. I am a very creative person. I sometimes seeing something & think how can I make that. I tried selling my stuff but did not make much so I gave it up. So know I make things to donate to help causes.
I have taken bead classes & they are a lot of fun to learn new techniques or styles. Sometimes I come up with weird-looking things but I have fun doing it. As long as you are having fun that is all that matters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I never know when the mood will strike to make something but when I do watch out, for when do I get right to make something.  I even sometimes take picture frames & decorate them.  I do not do as much as used to but I still do when needing something for an outfit I am wearing. This is also a stress relief for me. Zebulon, NC

Published by Rock the TAZbah Photography

Hi I am Tammy "TAZ"! I am a licensed & certified photographer in Zebulon, NC. I went back to school to study Digital photography for I use to shoot with film when I was younger. I have an Associate Degree in Professional Photography & other photography relate subjects. I have done a Wedding photography courses & many more. I have certificates in courses I have completed in photography. I am also looking for ways to learn more about photography as new things come up. I have always enjoyed taken pictures & capturing other's memories. I work with clients to make photo shoots fun. I am a lot of fun to hang with so when working with clients it shows in my pictures. The camera is how I express myself through my pictures. My hobbies are coloring, working with beads to make jewelry, nature walks, hanging with friends & be with my family. I am married 33+ years with 2 fur babies, 1 cat & 1 dog. I am a BC Fighter for over 11 years. I am stage IV Breast Cancer Mets (MBC) for 7 years plus years.

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