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Prep for hurricane

Pick up lose things in your yard & deck. Lose things can fly around & hit your house, car, or someone else property.  Takedown umbrellas, hanging plants & flags. These all can become a danger to everyone around you.  Watch the track of the storm to see how much time has to leave.
Plan your evacuation route by know the route will need to take to get away from the storm. Make sure to have numbers of family members to check on them & also let them know how you are doing.

Prep for hurricane

  • Basic electronics
  • While getting ready for a typical day, list every toiletry you use, then buy a travel size version of each. Pack backup eyeglasses, as well as a first-aid kit, baby wipes, and a multipurpose tool with a knife and can opener.
  • Personal needs
  • Pack an extra phone charger in case you’re fortunate enough to have electricity, and a portable battery pack in case you’re not. Also stash a long-lasting LED flashlight. Pack a small hand-cranked or battery-operated AM/FM radio (with extra batteries).
  • Clothing
  • Pack a few days’ worths. Include layers you can add or remove, plus lightweight rain gear and waterproof boots.
  • Your meds
  • Pack about three days’ worth of each of your medications, which should last until you can get to a pharmacy that’s open. If you need larger items, such as an oxygen tank, make sure you have a portable version.
  • The perfect bag
  • Think small and portable. A backpack is ideal, but a lightweight suitcase with wheels will also do. Just remember, you may literally be running with it.
  • Paperwork
  • Fill a zip-top waterproof bag with photocopies of your birth certificate; driver’s license; Social Security and Medicare cards; the power of attorney and will; any marriage, adoption or naturalization certificates; proof of address; insurance, medical and immunization records; and information about your credit and ATM cards.
  • Food and drink
  • Bottled water is essential. Granola or energy bars are great because they are small and filling, and they come in a variety of flavors.
  • Cash
  • In addition to enough money for a few days, include small bills and a roll of quarters. If you need to buy something out of a vending machine, you don’t want to start asking equally desperate strangers for change.
  • Pets
  • Food, bowls, medication, bedding, leashes & your pets. DO NOT LEAVE PETS BEHIND! Your pets are like your children they are part of the family.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the contents of your house before you have to leave the house for ins purposes. Lock all doors, windows. closes blinds & curtains.
  • If staying put, make sure you have food & water for 3-7 days. Enough pet food for those with animals. Diapers, baby food for babies. Make sure to have a full tank of gas in all vehicles. Have some candles for lighting. If have kids keep some stuff in the area away from windows for them to play with.
  • Do this as the storm enters your area and you settle down for the long haul. Eat perishables first in anticipation of the power going out. Fill your fridge and freezer with bottled water and sealed non-perishable items. The more full your freezer is, the more items there are to retain the cold and keep the overall temperature down. The same applies to the refrigerator.
  • Store as much water and fluids as you can in your fridge so that if the power goes out, it will retain the cold longer; hopefully in time for the power to turn back on.
  • Put all the ice that you have in your freezer into plastic bags. Fill all spaces in your freezer with bags of ice. Freeze water bottles, too.

Be safe during a major storm. Prepare for the worse & hope the best.
Hurricane warning system

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