About Me

Hi, I am Tammy “TAZ”! I am a licensed & certified photographer in Zebulon, NC.  I went back to school to study Digital photography because I use to shoot film when I was younger. I have an Associate Degree in Professional Photography & other photography-related subjects. I have done Wedding photography courses & many more. I have certificates in courses I have completed in photography. I am also looking for ways to learn more about photography as new things come up.
 I have always enjoyed taking pictures & capturing other’s memories. I work with clients to make photoshoots fun. I am a lot of fun to hang with so when working with clients it shows in my pictures. The camera is how I express myself through my pictures.
My hobbies are coloring, working with beads to make jewelry, nature walks, hanging with friends & being with my family. I am married 36+ years with 3 fur babies, 2 cats & 1 dog. I am a BC Fighter for over 14 years. I am a stage IV Breast Cancer Mets (MBC) for 10 years plus.

My Diploma’s

Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Wedding Photography

Associates Degree in Professional Photography
Diploma in Adobe Lightroom
Diploma in Photoshop
Associates Degree in Photoshop
​Diploma in Video
Diploma in Web Design

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