Tammy “TAZ” the Photographer

Hi I am Tammy “TAZ” a licensed & certified photographer in Zebulon, NC.  I went back to school to study Digital photography. The reason I did is for I use to shoot with film camera when I was younger. My degrees that I have received are Associate Degree in Professional Photography and other photography related subjects. Below are the certificates in all the courses I have completed in photography. Always looking for ways to learn more about photography as new things come up.

My Diploma’s

Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Wedding Photography
Associates Degree in Professional Photography
Diploma in Adobe Lightroom
Diploma in Photoshop
Associates Degree in Photoshop
​Diploma in Video
Diploma in Web Design

Have always enjoyed taken pictures and capturing other’s memories. I work with clients to make photo sessions relaxed & fun, it shows in my work. The camera is how I express myself through the lens of my camera. So not only am I a photographer, wife & fur mother but I also bake. We are married 34+ years with 2 fur babies, 1 cat & 1 dog.

My husband Rudy

My hobbies are coloring, working with beads to make jewelry, nature walks, hanging with friends & spending time with my family. I make some interesting videos of what I do. Photography started has a hobby when I first started but has grown to a business. I don’t always post on social media about my photography business but my life in general.

Breast Cancer Fighter for over 12 years. Now stage IV Breast Cancer Mets (MBC) for 7 years plus years. Also fighting diabetes which is been new challenge for me.

“I may have cancer, but cancer does not have me.”

People look for my smiling face on social media to make there day. Been told by many I inspire them in the way I take the bull by it’s horns on how I deal with my medical issues.

Just a look at me.

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